Homophobia =[

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wow i can't believe this shit is actually preached in church of all fucking places, so my gf went to church yesterday and they actually showed this waaay outdated video of sum dead preacher saying bull shit like "homosexuality is an abomination to god" and all this other ish, and what was sad is everyone in the freakin room nods and agrees including little kids...my poor gf nearly cried and i did my best to comfort her is there anything more i can say to make her feel better when stupid shit like this happens?

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I'm confused... why is it surprising this happened in a church? That's sort of where I'd expect such a thing.

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Almost all the homophobes I've seen are usually religion-oriented and use that to back up their abomination claims. The jacked-up straight guys who bash gays never have a problem with two girls; homophobes all the same, but it's just their insecurity as opposed to religion. And then there are the people who are just disapproving: it's wrong, goes against natural order of things, puke whenever you see two people of the same sex holding hands. Whatever way, it doesn't quite hold. I think we were discussing this in my school's GSA once, and somebody sort of proposed this debate from out of the fishbowl: Where the nice, accepting pro-gay rights people argue that gays still love, homosexuality occurs in nature, you're taking arguments out of a millienia-old book which contradicts itself, what do you say to the people who don't believe in your god? sort of thing. The homophobes are just "Ew, lol fag." and "Abomination! Abomination! Abomination!". Personally, I think the whole homophobia thing will blow over, maybe after a generation or two, when the last of the religions fanatics have gone. It's sort of how a while ago, being left handed was an abomination, and now it's just "Oh, you're left handed? Okay. Sure."

Personal church experiences... I'm not a regular church-goer, so when I do attend, I only know about one or two people there.

Either the last or second last time I went to church (which was about...right before summer last year) they brought in this ex-gay guy from...Exodus ministries? He told us about how he never fit in, yadda yadda not interested in girls, guys made fun of him, and then when he was about 19, he came across a gay neighbourhood- not sure, but I think he said West Hollywood (it was West something). So he says he sees all these men complimenting him, and it clicks into place then, meets this guy, and then he loses his virginity to him the night after, hugs him, says goodbye in the morning, never sees him again.

All this is being said to an early-teeaged (about 13-15?) audience, btw.

After that, apparently he goes crying, somehow "finds God" through a preacher, helps him on the road to recovery, he's not gay anymore. Then he goes on this huge tangent about getting excited when he sees a girl, that God is getting him ready to make a family- I don't know about everybody else in the room, but it sounded like he really wasn't straight, he just buried all his "gayness" under a load of religious dirt. Then he dishes us this crap about how homosexuality is one of the symptoms of a terrible disease, and that it can be healed, using some terrible metaphor like pruning and something about mud and roots. I was going to speak up and engage him in debate the instant he said that, or at least walk out, but the two friends and the only two people in that room I particularly respected at that time stifled me and literally held me down under the context of happy buddying around.

That's just one aspect of it. At another church I went to when I was younger and still in muddles about who I was, during the whole process of legalizing gay marriage in Canada, everybody was being a homophobic asshole- even in this game where little kids had to link arms and jump on one leg to one point and back, the group leader was like "Eh, partner up with someone of the opposite gender, we don't want no gay or lesbian couples here!" and every other person was wearing a Marriage= One man+ One woman T-shirt.

Churches just aren't very friendly to views other than theirs.

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I think she'd be comforted knowing a) not all Christians feel that way, and b) no matter what the people think, God will always love her for who she is, and that's the important thing.

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thank you peoples =D cept 4

thank you peoples =D
cept 4 the confused dood, yer kinda douche lol

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According to Leviticus,

According to Leviticus, homosexuality is a sin. Liberal Christians view it as a sin on certain days, while other view anal sex as a sin.

Leviticus also condones slavery and has a verse devoted to protocols around selling your daughter(s) into slavery.

In John, the verse communicating that homosexuality is a sin is basically nullified.

Leviticus condemns male homosexuality, but not female; lesbians are void from the bible almost completely, if not completely.

Homosexuality and the bible is a joke.

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psssh no arguments there

psssh no arguments there haha that bible is all dumfucked up lol
once thanx for the support =D

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idk what to say

i would have stood up and been like "all this is crap! i hope you all ashamed of your selves." and on and on with a jesus loves of all speech and then runway walked my way out and never gone back. i hate stupid video's like that and people like that. its why i stay away from churches unless i know everyones not going to be staring at me waiting for me to burst into flames for stepping inside there church

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During the advent of

During the advent of cinematography, the Catholic Church established a rating system based upon morals for films. This was a reaction to, in part, by the huge amount of homosexuality portrayed in films. A was acceptable. B was morally objectionable. C was condemned. The church itself had so much power that it could cancel a movie through influence.

Among subjects banned from being shown in movies, there was homosexuality, open-mouthed kissing and white slavery.

Yup, white slavery was on the same level as two guys fucking the hell out of each other... or whatever you females do.

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Organized religion = control

Religion has been used to control people for centuries. Someone higher up on the religious totem pole decides they don't like something or that their political enemy does such and such and all of the sudden "god" speaks (usually around the time the next horribly botched translation is issued) and declares it to be an abomination. Don't let them get you down it's all a bunch of nonsense. And by the way if, homosexuality is so terrible then why is it that not even one verse in the bible says anything at all about lesbians?

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Tell her that homophobia is

Tell her that homophobia is born purely out of ignorance, and that not everyone feels that way.

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