I dropped my pocket.

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I actually did one night.

Anyway. So my brother is pissing me the fuck off. He doesn't want me to express my sexuality in anyway and doesn't want me to have pride. He basically wants me to go into self-repression of my sexuality and to mascaraed as a heterosexual.

I may of told some people casually that he has herpes though. I didn't think it would be that serious, because let's face it, it's fucking herpes. Sure it's a virus with no cure and it's considered an STD, but it's fucking herpes. It's basically noninfectious when there's no outbreak mainly because it is a retrovirus (also the reason it's currently incurable). I even told them that he got it because my brother spit in his mouth when he was like 3 because my oldest brother was a jackass then.

He also thought I was really annoying when i went to a small get together with a couple of friends one night. No one else really thought that, even the other person that completely sober. Angie certainly didn't think that, otherwise we wouldn't still be afraid of dropping our pockets or the werewolves.

So anyway, he facebook messaged me saying:

"what the fuck is your problem? dont tell my friends not your friends about my herpes. that shits fucked up and now i have to worry about not getting dumped again over something ive never even had a choice over.jess doesnt trust me or think im honest anymore. way to fucking go your loyalty should go to your fucking brother not those fucking girls. your lucky i even let you hang out with me because last night you annoyed the fuck out of me. i dont mean to be an asshole but what the fuck. i was decent enough to not tell the girl i love about all the fucked up shit youve done with dads camera ect ect. dont say a word about this to ANYONE at all because right now i have anger problems and i have no problem turning my anger into force. if you say anything to jess laurence or even me youll make things 40 times worse for me and you. this is my problem not yours. dont say your fucking sorry or anything"

Notice this is a facebook message. He for some reason, can never confront me in person. Whenever he's angry at me, he messages me. It pisses me the fuck off.

So basically what he seems to communicate is or what he's demanding me to do is:

  • (1) No one at work can even possibly be my friend.
  • (2) I should have "loyalty" towards my brother, even though my brother doesn't think very highly of me and has shown no love towards me. In fact, he never has. I've only seen homophobia and dislike from him.
  • (3) I'm not allowed to say anything bad about my brother, even though he encouraged his friends to call me homophobic slurs and told all of his friends about the embarrassing things I did when I was younger so they could make fun of me.
  • (4) He threatened his own brother
  • (5) It's apparently a privilege to be in his presence at any time


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Expecting people to be

Expecting people to be either smart, decent, or, even, bearable, is asking for too much.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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that's really messed up.

that's really messed up. *hug*