i love john belushi! (and i hate kevin bacon)

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the title is a very complicated way of saying how much i hate J at the moment.

i don't get it.
i haven't talked to J in .. months. and i was completely over her, and then i decide to IM her. we start talking again & catch up ..and i fall again. -- and she has a BOYFRIEND (who is too old for her). argh! and now, after 6 minutes of us talking again and me thinking we can actually get along, she randomly says she has to go, so i say bye and kind of sit there. she doesn't sign off. she's just been avoiding me b/c of what happened to us. we used to be inseperable, best friends, and we could never fight. and then she suddenly began to hate me: she talked about me behind my back... told my crush at the time (G) that i was a total lesbo and he shouldn't be around me. she told my best friend that i was hitting on her and grabbed her hand (okay, yes, i grabbed her hand. but to see this huge scar on it that i kind of caused)

i really hate that the one person i actually thought i could trust is a homophobe. and a total hypocrite. she's very religious, but also totally supportive of everyone... except me. ever since i've told her, she's taken everything i've said or done around her as flirting. i don't understand what happened to her.