i love you, ellen page.

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it's amazing what you can learn just from watching a movie.

things like: castration is the easiest form of surgery. apparently, even a 14 year old girl is capable of performing it. *giggles* (just kidding!)

hah, so, just watched Hard Candy for the first time.

i completely and totally love it. i'm not really into indie movies so much, but this one was completely, amazingly sick and twisted. i love it. the castration scene (though sick and disgusting) is hilarious (to me, anyway) i think there's something wrong with me... i laughed during all the wrong places. ("i guess they weren't brass...")

i also could quite possibly be in love with ellen page. her acting is absolutely amazing. i have yet to see Mouth to Mouth. anyone seen it? i want to know if it's as worth-while as Hard Candy was.


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Totally ditto

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lol, but totally ditto about

lol, but totally ditto about what?
:] i'm slightly confused.

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having a celebrity crush on ellen page.

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oohh, okay. :]

oohh, okay. :]