It feels right

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Today I had a meeting type thing for this group i'm going to be in thats going to teach us how to 'lead'. They picked 6 kids from my school and I was one of them and they picked other kids from other schools aswell. There were lots of hot girls there. We did this thing called the human knot. Everyone holds hands and you try to untangle yourself. The first time we did the knot I held hands with a guy and hot girl #1. During the entire time all I could think about was this feels so right to be holding her hand, and his hands are all rough and our hands didn't fit right. #1 and my hand fit perfectly, it was weird but weirds good in a way. I could've held her hand that entire meeting. I like to hold hands, its simple yet enough for me at the same time. And to be honest I didn't really want to do more than hold her hand. We also had to sit at a table with people we didn't know and there was hot girl #2. We talked and she told me she liked my shirt, I told her I liked her shoes when I really didn't...When people compliment me I feel like I have to compliment them back. So when we went to do the human knot thing the second time, I made eye contact with #2 and she reached for my hand but as she was reaching for it someone took hers. and I couldn't help but show my disappointment on my face and I think she saw because she gave me this little smile after it happened. I think thats a good sign. Oh and my crush from school got chosen to be in this group also, but I kinda forgot about her today so I must've not liked her that much. I'm going to see #2 throughout the school year, she goes to a different school, and maybe i can befriend her or something.