It's been a while...

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A lot's happened since I last posted.
After my last post, I finally went to pick up my parts; It took a day to build my computer, which didn't work, and then the rest of the week to figure out I missed the LPT cable >.>
This computer's a lot faster, and has better internet connection, Hooray!

After that I headed off to summer camp.
I got into the same room as my friend, cousin and also some other random guy.
I had a lot of fun.
My courses were fun, I took breakdancing, this race thing, this wierd medicinal thing and negotiation.
It was... weird at night.
The people in my room talked about all sorts of awkward things.
Regardless, It couldn't have been much better.

It's harder to post now since my computer is now located in a really open space, with my dad's across from me (I moved here to connect directly to the modem instead of using wireless).
I'm done for now,