La la la

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Todays my sister in laws birthday... and I forgot. I even went over to her house for like an hour. It just slipped my mind. I feel terrible. I know the days still not over but I'm too embarrassed to call her. I always do stupid stuff like this. I think I'll just text her later. :/

I went to the county fair last night. I honestly think that the fair is a county gathering for girls in tank tops that are too small wearing no bra and guys in wife beaters. I felt over dressed. But that was ok with me. When we got there my dad was like 'now heres your chance to find you a good man'. Ew. Carneys. Anywhore, I played one of the games were you throw a ping pong ball and try to make it in a little bowl to win a fish, i didn't win. But thats probably a good thing because my fish always die within the 3 day warranty when you can get a new one. I also played one where you shoot a basketball into a really high up hoop, didn't win anything there either but the sun was right in my eyes and it burned like hell. I saw an aquantince(sp?) from school, she came running up to me and gave me a hug, that was unexpected because I only talked to her in history class and that was only to bash our teacher for being a total d-bag. She showed me her new tattoo, its some type of angel wings on her shoulder. I want a tatto along my rib cage and on the back of my neck, I'm not sure what I want yet but i like how tattoos look there.