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so i just got back from costa rica yesterday. it was a long flight but i slept during most of it. it was funny. when i got to fort lauderdale (it wasn't a direct flight) i kept feeling the need to say gracias. it was almost like i forgot how to speak english. not really. i spoke english in costa rica just because there were so many people who spoke english at my school. not that thats a good excuse or anything.

so my luggage didn't make it to the airport with me. they sent it to me today tho.

so im at my parent's house doing laundry. i didnt have too much to do thankfully.

yesterday i got a haircut. it felt good. ecspecially since i hadnt had a shower yesterday since i was on an airplane all morning.

its funny. i was afraid i was going to forget how to drive when i came back. not really, but still.

so it seems like i will be switching to at&t. my mom says that it'll be cheaper. mostly bc my brother's girlfriend has at&t so they'll get to talk for free. im sad tho. all my friends have verizon. its a good thing i dont talk on the phone that much.

for some reason the internet isn't working at my apartment right now. comcast costumer service sucks too. everytime i try and talk to them it tells me that there is an abnormally long waiting time.

i can't wait to go swimming. i only went to the beach once in costa rica. it was really nice but there were a lot of rocks there so not much room to swim. i also got my flip flops stolen. at least i think they were stolen. i dont really know what happened to them.


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sound fun except for the

sound fun except for the missing love flyin...

Theres always something to laugh about in life...