Mixed Signals?

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So I'm pretty pissed right now, I had plans with my guitar teacher to have our first lesson today and my Dad decided I couldn't go because it wasn't convieniant for him at the time. Ugh, now I have to wait until next week.
Also talked to my friend, i'll call her Beth, last night. I've got plans to go to Ohio and see her later on this month. I can't wait! We got to talking about stuff and I told her how I'm gonna start guitar and here's how the conversation went...
Her-"When you become famous you better not forget me!"
Me-"I'll never forget you... you were my first kiss with a girl"
Her-"Ya i know! We've got to do that again..."
Okward silence from me, then she starts to talk about her boyfriend.

It was during a party in middle school (3 years ago) and we were playing truth or dare... ya not how I pictured my first kiss with a girl. She didn't know I was gay at the time but I was pretty sure I knew I was gay and it just made me pretty damn sure because it was like there were fireworks and everything and I was really nervous. It was hard though because I had to pretend I didn't want to kiss her, she was the one who actually kissed me.

So later on in the night after she says that to me on the phone, theres this random guy that texts me and was like "hey whats up beth gave me your number" This is the third time she has given my number to a guy for me to "talk" to. She knows I'm gay and she keeps trying to get me to date these guys. And she says how when I visit her we're gonna party an meet all these hot guys she knows I'll like. I've tried talking to her about it to and got nowhere. I don't get it. When I came out to her she was like thats ok we're still friends and I still love you no matter what.
Why does she talk about kissing me and then try and get me to date guys? Talk about giving mixed signals. I actually don't even like her like a girlfriend, just as a friend but shes confusing the hell out of me.