My mother is...

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Absolutely ridiculous. Here I am, back in my hometown, when some old friends are like: "Hey, let's hang out at the mall." So I'm all for it, but I get a call from my mother saying I can't go unsupervised because she doesn't know these kids. What the hell? I thought maybe getting away from her for a few weeks would make her just a smidge less controling. SURPRISE. I was wrong.
This is my first post and all, so hey there. Sorry it had to be a rant.


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Hello, and welcome. Nice

Hello, and welcome. Nice name, by the way.

Sorry about your mom. Hey, few more years and you'll be free, yes? I know it's not much comfort now, but it might help to think it. Or other snarky comments. You know, "The fact that you have no life doesn't give you the right to take mine away." That sort of thing. Though I caution against actually saying them...

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Welcome to Oasis! I guess

Welcome to Oasis! I guess that we can consider ranting a sport in here... perhaps we should do a competition or something :)

Anyway, don't worry about your mum, she'll get over that eventually. Perhaps when you're thirty, but she'll get over that.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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XD there's a lot of ranting

XD there's a lot of ranting going on here, don't worry about it.

Controlling parents = major pain.

Also, welcome to Oasis! :D

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Welcome to Oasis...

There's this thing called caller Id...

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