My trip

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My trip to Ohio went really good. Friday Kit and I went to see Jen. The 3 of us used to hang out all the time. Its weird to see your old friends and how much they've changed. We were all tomboys in elementary school, and now Kits like all ghetto and i'm more punk and Jens a total prep. But were still good friends even though were totally different. I told Jen I'm gay! (I'm out to 8 now) We were all sitting on her bed and she was like so who's your boyfriend. And I gave Kit this look like oh shit, because I'm a terrible liar. And I was like ummmm.... I'm gay. And she was like NO WAY! And I was like yup. And later on she kept making comments like, quite looking up my skirt and is this turning you on. When we left I asked Kit if if seemed to her like Jen wanted me to look up her skirt and what not and she agreed. I think Jen is curious but that should be a completly different post because we like did stuff together in 4th grade.
So Friday night Kits parents went out and we drank. Her brother mixed 2 shots of tequila and 2 shots of vodka and a can of Pepsi for me. It was discusting but I drank it anyway. I was sitting there drinking it and I was like this isn't doing anything for me except I'm getting really hot. And then I stood up.. ya I was drunk. It was fun though and we found this spot in her neighbors woods that had a picnic table. Kit had the same drink and she kept grabbing my boobs. I think a lot of girls go bi when they're drunk and she's one of them. We also went to the mall to try and see Step Brothers but the ticket taker asked for our ID's and I was like are you serious, so we didn't get to see it. Instead we walked around the mall. We ran into Kits friend who is bi and incredibly hot. Yeah I found out a few kids at my old school are bi.

I didn't smoke weed and I don't think I'm ever going too. I really don't know why I didn't, it was there and they asked me if I wanted any and I said no. I think I might have standards or something. Drugs aren't for me and I thought about it some more and I don't feel like a hypocrite for not liking them without trying them first. I can be around them and not do them. I think its funnier to watch other people be stupid and remember it then be part of it and not remember.
Oh and I have successfully watched the first season of the l word. I had it downloading all this weekend and I watched it yesterday. Now I've started downloading the second season and its taking forever. I'm so impatient