"Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian"

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I went to my sister T's ultrasound appointment with her. 3D ultrasounds are so creepy! Especially because she isn't far along enough for the baby to look human, it looks like an alien. And they think its a girl. Like 80% sure... I'm so happy, I love babies! When its born I'm going to get her little baby Converse! You should see the what the Converse look like for babies, they're so cute. I told T i wanted to get the baby a little tuxedo t-shirt and she was like tuxedo t-shirts are for boys, I was like no their not I have one and I think they're funny as hell. She wants to name it Emma. I like Emma. I've been trying to think of names that kids could call her to make fun of her with the name Emma, I couldn't think of any so thats good. I wish I could change my name to something else, its Jewish and theres a really annoying song people sing to me because of my name. Not to mention the whole stupid mylie cyrus bs.

I just got done reading Keeping You A Secret. I thought it was pretty good. Now when I come out I want a shirt that says "Nobody Knows Im A Lesbian" lol, i think thats awsome.


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Slightly funnier if you wear it just before you start coming out, no?

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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haha i loved that book it was cool....i want the shirt tooo they should make one like that...

Theres always something to laugh about in life...

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They've been making that shirt for like 20+ years...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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Start a T-Shirt company! =]

Start a T-Shirt company!

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Right! I recommend American

Right! I recommend American Apparel for whole sale. They tend to treat their workers sanely, even the ones in China.

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wow. if i new that shirt

wow. if i new that shirt existed that is the way i would have come out to my parents. just kidding.

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I think...

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methinks that...

I think I'd want a shirt like that, and I think I'd wear it, but I think my parents would throw a cleaver at me if I did.

Ah well, I definitely love babies, they're adorable...my brother was an ugly baby for about a few days after he popped out, though.

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IThats sweet that they

IThats sweet that they already make shirts that say that! I had no idea. You could make a lot of money making stuff like that... I definately am going to wear a shirt that says that when I'm completly out.

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Ahhh, it's not always so

Ahhh, it's not always so much fun selling gay shirts...I had to fight my school tooth and nail to be able to wear and sell shirts that say "gay? fine by me." In the end we still weren't allowed to sell them, so I did an underground operation and ended up having 200 kids wear the shirt on the same day! Ha. I really should've made a journal entry about that...hmmm...

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Your school can deny you the

Your school can deny you the right to sell products on school grounds, but they're unable to force you to not wear a product on school grounds.

It's something about the constitution... I guess that it supersedes all federal and state acts. Law of the land or some crap.

Unless of course you go to a privy school that gets no state or federal funding. But then you'd be a prat. No one likes prats. Just kidding, but seriously.