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So yesterday was my birthday. 16! It wasn't bad but I couldn't get my license because my state is dumb and won't let you get it until 30 days after you turn 16. Bastards. Which sucks because I'll be able to get it on a Sunday but the BMV is closed on Sunday and also on Mondays! I have to wait 2 extra days! So I'll be able to get my license one day before school starts. I got a Wii. I'm now addicted to it. I kick ass and take names at baseball. I want to get the fitness thing for it. I'm also getting a tv for my room but I've yet to go pick it out. Also got $200 that won't last very long because I'm going shopping. I'm gonna have my party next weekend. So the sooner next weekend comes the better!
Well I'm off to go see Hancock now.


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Too bad about Hancock, there's some of your money you could have saved... nothing we can do now. :-)

Happy birthday!

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It wasn't very good, it was

It wasn't very good, it was very predictable to me. I hate movies like that, you know whats going to happen next and I can never get very upset when something bad happens because I know there will be a happy ending.

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feel lucky, in our state we

feel lucky, in our state we have to wait three months after we turn sixteen or nine months after we get our learners, whichever comes first.

happy birthday!

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