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I'm going to Ohio tomorrow! I can't wait. the last time I was there was last summer. I used to live there, since I was 3 until 13. Ugh I miss it so much. I honestly believe that my family didn't start to fall apart really until my mom took a job in Missouri. When we lived in Ohio we were only 4 hours from my dad and 8 in missouri. Now I live with my dad so now im 8 hours from my mom. Its amazing with how far away I am from her but she can still have so much power over me.
So I'm hitching a ride with K because she's going to be in a friends wedding this weekend. We're leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday.
I'm going to be staying with my friend Kit. She's still my bestfriend even after I moved. She was my first girl kiss to. But she's talking about going to this party Friday night thats going to have alcohol and like weed and other various things... Its at her boyfriends house and his parents are in vacation in Canada. I've drank before but I've never been like completly drunk, ive never thrown up before from it. I like the bitch drinks like Smirnoff, and the most I've had at once was 4 and i still wasn't drunk, atleast i think i wasn't. And I've never smoked weed either. My excuse was that its basketball season and i'll get drug tested. I really don't want to smoke it either. It smells terrible. But the thing is I feel like I'm being a hypocrite for being so against it and I've never actually tried it. And I do kinda want the experience. But I'm not going to smoke it at that party because its gonna be all these college age guys. And I also have this riduculus fear that ones gonna slip a ruffy in my drink and I'll like get gang raped or something. Ya I've watched too many Lifetime movies. I've stolen a water bottle full of vodka from my dad. I kind of feel bad because he trusted me enough to leave it in a closet and not think that I wouldn't take any. He thinks i'm perfect and doesn't do wrong, which totally isn't true. But i stole it anyway and don't feel guilty.


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dont smoke weed if ur dont

dont smoke weed if ur dont want to. its ur choice. i havent tried it either. also, i've always been afraid of roofies to. idk what it is.

If male homosexuals are called "gay," then female homosexuals should be called "ecstatic." ~Shelly Roberts

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Being against it, and not

Being against it, and not trying it, does not make you a hypocrite.
In this case -as in all cases in the world- nothing is either black or white. For example, straight people can support gay marriage without being into one. You can know you don't like sleeping with guys -even before you sleep with one. You can hate onions, and never try them. What is important is that you are open minded: even if you don't wanna do something, don't judge people that does. It's just a set of different points of view on different topic. As long as you have the facts, and you make the right decision -for you- there is absolutely nothing that should keep you from sticking to it.

Hmmm...and you don't wanna get REALLY wasted. There's a point right before passing out/vomiting, when it's as good as it gets without the embarrassment AND a hangover bad enough to wish you were dead.

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