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In two previous entries (
I talked about a back injury. Well about 2 weeks ago I went to my family dr. and she recommended physiotherapy my dad finally got me an appointment with his guy. Had the first consult today. I wan't paying attention to much but the just of it is something it wrong with my L5 disc which is irritating my nerve (one of them) causing the numbness and tingling in my leg. Then there is something wrong with the joint from my pelvic bone to back bone area causing more pain. We can't fix one without harming the other more. So now I have physio 3x a week. Today we started with ice and an ultra sound (without the picture part... to get blood moving or something). I dunno Im not good with specifics I let one of my parents listen, as long as they know whats going on and they can tell me it's all good. I'm not stupid by any means. I got a 92.5% on my report card I just have difficulty paying attention at times... especially at drs and such.


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you could always try a

you could always try a chiropractor.

And according to Shamanism, everything is psychosomatic.
So, what needs improving in your life?

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Been there, done that.. (it

Been there, done that.. (it says so in one of those posts)
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~