pride bowling

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Tonight was pride bowling.. it was fun and the best part was that it was free.. you were only suppose to get 2 games free but we just pressed the new game button after we finished each and we ended up bowling 4 games. After the 4 games it was almost 9 and our wrists were hurting so we decided to call it quits, we're pretty sure it was only open (pride bowling) till 9 anyway.
In our group was myself my friend heather (lesbian), heather's lil sister Lauren (straight and beautiful), and Their friend Nikki (straight- ugly).
My first game was horrible i got an 80 something, second was 120ish, third was 109ish, fourth i have no clue but in the 100s.
3 lesbians joined us they were a bit older not sure how old but aronud there 50s or 60s- Lori, Linda, and Cindy Lou. They were all very nice especially Lori.
I also saw my mom's friend Kim who i met last year at pride who thinks I'm the luckiest queer teen in the world because my mom is so supportive. I agree that i am very lucky to have a supportive mom. I talked to Kim for a bit will probably see her later this weekend.
In the lane next to us was a girl, her father and her sister. I went to school with the Girl (A) and her sister (R). Their dad is gay. I hated A in grade school like hated she was mean and nasty so once i noticed she was there I avoided looking over in that direction the entire night. Seeing people from grade school is really hard for me because it brings back such a horrible time in my life and such bad memories of growing up. The teachers in grade school were great but the kids-- well kids can be mean.
Bowling probably wasn't the smartest idea with my bad back but i honestly don't care anymore. I'm tired of not being a teen because my back is screwed up. I go to physio 3x a week and i think that should be enough of a hitch/bump in my teen life.
Tomorrow i might go see the film premiering.. it's calles A Jihad for Love the synopsis is "offers a unique look into the complexities of being both homosexual and Muslim, a combination so taboo that very little has been documented on the subject. The film works to bridge religious divides, portray the humanity of its characters, and reminds us that we are all engaged in the struggle for love." It all depends on whether i get my G2.
On saturday i think i'm going down for part of the festivities but i can't go that long because it's 18 and over as of 9:30 which sucks cuz last year i got to stay until like midnight.
Sunday I can only go down for a bit like before the parade and then the parade because my mom is volunteering from 1-5 but i ahve to be home around 1 or 2 because I have Shock but i wanna see the parade and we only have one car and there's no public transportation so we'll have to leave right after the parade (which could be difficult and then she'll have to return really fast.. i'm not missing the parade no matter what.


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I'm terrible at bowling if i

I'm terrible at bowling if i don't have the bumpers up. I've thrown the ball in the lane next to me one time because it got caught on my hand.