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ok so this might be a bit of a jumble so if you follow this *two thumbs up.* i know thats lame. i cant think of anything better at the moment tho

so today i went to the mall. there were prettyful things there. i think i figured out why i hate shopping. i cant afford anything. which is why i buy things at goodwill.

i think the grassy part in the middle of our apartment buildings is becoming a hot spot for getting drunk and the like. idk why. im not really opposed to it im just wondering why i havent been invited yet.

so im reading this mystery right now. i've never really read a lot of mysteries so im kind of trying it on for size. i guess summer is a good time to switch gears. its not bad i just havent decided if i like it really. i guess i cant judge an author by a genre now can i.

the key west ads make me want to go there. i have been there. i never really noticed a large gay population but then again i was a freshmen in high school and it was family trip. idk if that explains why but i dont really care.

so i went blueberry picking today. i went strawberry picking last week. and no i will not get tired of smoothies. it was a little early for blueberries. they still work with the strawberries in my smoothies tho. thats really all that matters.

so i was reading cosmopolitan today in the grocery store. only for the cover story which just happened to be scarlett johanssen. : ) apparently she has a couple of movies that will be coming out this year. its kind of exciting. i did listen to her new album. i dont really know what to think about it yet. i might have to listen to it again. then maybe i'll review it. i know im weird.

i did watch 21 last night. liked it. kate bosworth was in it. made it all the better. she looked hott with short, straight hair. in case u were wondering.

ok i think i'll think of more random stuff later.


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That key west ad makes me

That key west ad makes me not want to go there... Something about lesbians being advertised draws me away... Could be because there's no cock involved...

Rio had a good gay population. They had the "gay" beach and the "family" beach. We unfortunately stayed on the "family" beach.