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I think I'm the first person on the planet not to like Dark Knight. Did anyone else notice that it was way too drawn out, had barely any good action, and lacked a central conflict? Although I am on par with everyone else that I think Heath Ledger was masterfully fabulous.

I'm getting way busy preparing for school and college so I have less to worry about during what will most likely be a heart-palpitating school year. I have every meeting and every event for my gay-straight alliance planned out (pending co-president and club approval and suggestions); I've finished most of the common app; and I completed a kick-ass college personal statement about how I faced down my school administration and won students the right to wear gay-friendly shirts, then sold over 200 of them for a campaign, even after my superintendent said we couldn't sell them, without any substantial reasoning. (Hm, I probably should have written a journal about all of this a while ago, eh?) It's a good feeling having an amazing story like that to tell. I've ALWAYS wanted an amazing story to tell!!!!

Grrrr, why is it that I can't fall asleep any earlier than 3 AM? Waking up at noon does not bode well for productivity.


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I was OK with it, moreso than the Hulk, Wanted, etc., although I am starting to tense up with dread whenever a DC or Marvel logo precedes any movie. I never read comics or graphic novels, so not sure why I see all of them when they are adapted to film.

I think New York Magazine had good insight on the movie (and like 200+ fanboys commenting on the critic and ripping him apart), in that the spatial relationships in the action sequences was incomprehensible, such as the fake Batmans, and the fake Jokers, and the sonar view of the building... and earlier, the scene with the Joker in the truck, and that whole chase, it's exciting, until you're like, wtf is actually happening? This is sort of ridiculous.

Of course, I don't want to ding any movie too hard that tries to be a summer popcorn movie sprinkled with philosophical underpinnings (Can someone who doesn't break the rules ever stop someone who only wants chaos) and commentary on our current administration (re: wiretapping, torture, etc.)

I just think the comic book nerds get more out of this stuff than me. The guy in Dark Knight next to me, pumped his fist and says "Yes!" when Eckhart said "Two-Face" for the first time (a completely unnecessary subplot, IMHO).

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Hey dude.I haven't as yet

Hey dude.I haven't as yet seen the new dark knight film so I can't offer any opinion on it.But all the other stuff you have been doing with the gay-straight alliance is pretty damn impressive.
Also I always seem to stay up all night and sleep half the day too.It's a tough cycle to break!

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oh yeah

Yeah our GSA is pretty kick ass thanks to him!!!!

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It wasn't as amazing as my

It wasn't as amazing as my friends said it was, but it passed the line. All the Heath Ledger crazy hyped up the movie, so if anyone had big expectations for it, it's definitely a let down after watching it.