running with scissors

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i'm running with scissors, bitch.

lately i've been ok. thats weird. im watching good will hunting for the first time, its some good shit. this and the book tuesdays with morrie are the inspirational crap that speaks to the side of me that tries to find a mentor. i've had a few, but one was fired for allegations of sexual relations with students. so that one went down the crapper. ummmmmm duffy has been in my car alot lately, i like her voice. im sick at the moment cos i went to a party, drank half a bottle of scotch, smoke half a pack of cigs with a hot canadian guy and breathed in a lot of cold air, harming my already phlegm ridden throat and nose. so now i've lost my voice. got training at work tomorrow. then a REALLY bad client on friday, i want to drop him soon. then getting my eyebrow pierced next monday.
high ho.