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I don't know, lately I've been missing my ex. However the more I think about it, I'm not necessarily missing her but the concept of her. When I was with her I had that confidence of knowing "Hey I have a girlfriend, and she digs me. She definately is in love with me so I can be loved, awesome." I had stuff to do filling my time, someone to be with and didn't have to worry about trying to find someone because well I already had.
When it comes down to it I guess I'm just lonely and the reality of my situation has set in. Before we broke up I told myself "I'll end up finding that someone, that someone I can love and will love me back." However now I have to start back from square one and try again at the dating game. Being in a relationship is easy, starting a relationship (for me) is difficult. Oh well I'm sure it will work out eventually, I just have to keep putting myself out there.


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There is no square one. You learned stuff with this person that will filter who you date in the future, how you fuck in the future, what you want to change about yourself... and next time, that will keep evolving...

Unless you learn nothing each time, I guess...

I should have never dated that girl.
I should have never told her I was bi.
I should have never told him my last partner was a girl.
I should have never sent Jeff those naked photos.

You learn from everything as you go...

It's not just a single/dating binary.
"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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