sigh and move on...

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To give the shortest explanation, I finally asked and learned that S does not return my crush. Somehow I was expecting that...


Our friendship appears to be relatively unscathed (if I may venture such an appraisal three days later), which I am glad about. I'm trying to hide disappointment now though, and frustration because I'm still attracted to her but have to stop hoping.

I did talk to another friend of mine, D, a few days before this, and she told me something that has been comforting... she said there'd be someone for me in college. (College is a month away.)

Still, if only "someone"s could seem as real before you meet them as they are when you fall for them.


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There WILL in a likelihood

There WILL in a likelihood be someone for you in college. I wasn't sure about that concept either, but then I went and I found her right away. It's just that college is so much better, socially, and there are so many more opportunities (in most cases).

Best of luck!

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Clarity is never the enemy.

Falling for someone before you know who they truly are is sort of the system you're trying to leave behind in high school.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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