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todays the kind of day that makes me wonder about at what temperature does skin melt? i know its kind of disturbing if you think about it too much but im really hott and i dont care. i think i used the wrong spelling for hot. u can interpret it either way. it kind of sucks for the dog tho too. my roommate has a dog that i sometimes help out with. he's a siberian husky. i feel sorry for him. imagine having 2 inches of fur in 90 degree heat. ya. it sucks. and of course our pool is out of order at the moment. apparently something happened with the pipes or something like that. but its supposed to be working by friday. thats not helping me today tho. my car doesnt exactly have air conditioning and even when i roll the windows down its too hott to even cool me off at all. i hate humidity.


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I would expect skin to burn,

I would expect skin to burn, rather than melt. Though, with sufficient pressure, you could probably get it in liquid form at room temperature.

Er...sorry, that wasn't really the point of the post, was it?

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Holy fuckballs thats a crazy

Holy fuckballs thats a crazy temprature!!!

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Probably the same

Probably the same temperature at which you could fry eggs directly on the sidewalk.