so im as happy as a goth lesbian meeting OT3P

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so im going to meet meghan.
im super duper extremely overly omg omg omg excited.
we are going to go to silver wood.
and... we are going to go on alot of rides.
and she's going to hold my hand.
and kiss me and all that omg super duper happy stuff.
lol, ((the super duper omg is getting old))
im gunna do something very special.
and i'm extremely happy.
and excited.
and she's gunna get mad when she reads this because im not gunna give away the surprise.
i'll write about that somewhere she cant read it.
note to meghan....
there are two gloves.
if anyone is interested in that inside joke please message me.
but yea.
im 100% in love with meghan.
i'd do anything for my baby girl.


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ah, some people have all the

ah, some people have all the luck knowing people....