so im officially a dork

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well i was before but thats not the point. i kind of want to go see the movie "beverly hills chihuaha" just because it has pedro paramo in it from "imagine me and you." i dont know tho. i think she looked better as a brunette.

in other news, i am working nine days straight so i will probably be taking a lot of naps. im the queen of naps. i doubt i will have much of a social life this week. not that im usually a "social butterfly." that sounds kind of too girly for me anyways.

so i tried making stromboli today. storebought sauce and dough. it wasnt much of a challenge. it was pretty good. i think i put it in a little too long tho. i like my dough a little bit less brown. it wasnt burnt but it was too crunchy i guess.

i haven't seen the dark knight yet. i like to see movies with other people and it really just didnt work out. but i'll figure something out. hopefully i can go on tuesday since its cheaper.


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don't worry i make you look

don't worry i make you look cool.

'Oh Brave New World!'
- Brave New World
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