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(random lyric from Godspell. new favorite musical)

so, i went to the wave pool w/ L yesterday, and i end up staying over her house. :] it was so incredibly awesome, lol. we were about to dive in, and i turn around and see three of my best friends that i haven't seen since the beginning of June. i go up and say hi to them, and we go find Andy, the hot life gaurd that we love. he's 19 or 20 and just got his eyebrow pierced. -- and it looks gooooddd. and we go back to the pool after that and just hang out for a while, and then we see Mike. we met mike at the skating rink a while ago, and he dated tara. tara, who's now with tony (i think; its hard to keep track of her guys) goes,
'someone should date him!'
and then looks at me.
so she swims over and says, 'wanna date her?' & points at me.
he goes 'NO!' and swims away, then turns around and smiles at L.
tara yells, 'SHE'S EASY!' and he turns around.
i go, 'excuse me?' and she shrugs,
'it's true, sweetheart' and L looks at me and laughs.

we go over and sit by mike while he lays out, and tara wants to lay on his towel, so i say 'move your fat ass over, mike' and he looks up and says, 'i wouldn't be talking.' L looks up at me and says, 'i'll kill him.'

back in the pool a little later, all of my friends are getting hit on by cute guys a lot older than us. and i'm just standing there w/ my arms crossed, and L comes up to me and asks what's wrong. i look at her and she jumps on me, wraps her arms around me, and says, 'don't listen to him. he's a DICK!' and about three hours later, she gets a text (more like seventy) from him saying, 'go out with me?'

so, later, we're at her house after the pool and her softball game, and we go for another walk... and she tells me about something she did w/ her exboyfriend. it was on the last day of 8th grade, right after school let out. they went to his house, and i was supposed to be with her that day. now i can't really look at her the same...

we get back from the walk around 930, and watch the beginning of Pride & Prejudice (she's a massive Jane Austin fan). we put it on in her room and end up under the covers because her room is so cold. at about 1030, her neighbor Nick texts and says he's outside. so we invite him in, and they flirt basically non stop until he leaves at 11. her and i watch the rest of pride and prejudice and fall asleep nearly spooning. her dog basically breaks down the door sometime during the night and jumps on the bed, right in between us >.<

i spend half an hour trying to kick him off, and she ends up moving him and moving closer to me. :] i wake up after about 4 hours of sleep, and she leans over and says, 'mornin.' and basically nothing happens after that. i just got home, and i've been dying to write about this.. :]]

i'm all sunburnt and running on 4 hours of sleep and 2 cans of mountain dew. but it was all worth it :]. i'm beginning to really like her.


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They're staging a Godspell reunion on Broadway this fall. I just found out a friend of a friend is in the cast, so might check that out when I visit NYC.

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