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So um, I like know no one here. It's kind of peculiar, you know commenting on people's lives when I know relatively nothing about them.

I just thought we could all answer some questions of my design, so you know, we all get to know each other.

1- Gender/Sexuality

2- State/Region of Residency

3- Political Alignment

4- Favorite Food

5- Favorite Genre of Music

6- Favorite artist/band

7- Career/Planned Career

8- Favorite Color

9- Jeff is a Pervert

10- Kylie or Madonna


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My Answers

1- Male/Complete and utter queer

2- Vermont!

3- Democrat/Liberal/Slightly-Socialist

4- Babies... or Spinach (Never together, they clash)

5- Pop/Hip-Hop

6- This week: Snap! | All Time: Kylie

7- Neurology

8- Yellow

9- True.

10- Kylie!

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1- Female/lesbian 2-

1- Female/lesbian
2- Indiana
3- Democrat/liberal
4- Mashed potatoes
5- Alternative Rock
6- Evanescence
7- Something in Nuclear Medicine
8- Yellow
9- Ya

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1- Female/ Lesbian who

1- Female/ Lesbian who sometimes crushes on trans men

2- California

3- My voter registration card says independent

4- anything green flavored (green beans, green grapes, green popsicles, green bananas, etc)

5- Jazz (most sub-genres therein except not so much smooth jazz)

6- No way on earth I could pick just one

7- Professional Degree = J.D. M.A. Career = Saving the World

8- Green or Pink

9- Jeff is infinitely awesome

10- Madonna, hands down.

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1- Gender/Sexuality-Female,Lesbian most of the time

2- State/Region of Residency-Ireland

3- Political Alignment-Depends on the issues

4- Favorite Food-Chinese

5- Favorite Genre of Music-Punk but it can really vary depending on mood

6- Favorite artist/band Tegan and Sara

7- Career/Planned Career-Computer Programmer

8- Favorite Color-Blue

9- Jeff is a Pervert-Nope,Jeff is awesome

10- Kylie or Madonna-Eugh neither...eugh

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1- Gender/Sexuality

2- State/Region of Residency

3- Political Alignment

4- Favorite Food
ever since i've became vegetarian, i've started liking food less and less

5- Favorite Genre of Music
I guess now its rock, or alt rock. idk.

6- Favorite artist/band
my all time favorite is Melanie C, but my most current fav, was Paramore, now idk

7- Career/Planned Career
Criminologist in 8 years

8- Favorite Color
Blue, well either royal blue or turqouise

9- Jeff is a Pervert
just a slight one. lol jkjkjk

10- Kylie or Madonna
um Kylie, Madonna is a hoe


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1- Female and Queer 2-

1- Female and Queer

2- Ontario, Canada

3- Liberal I geuss.. dunno not into politics yet.

4- Salad

5- Rock

6- too many to name

7- Music Teacher-elementary school teacher

8- Green, purple, blue, and brown

9- Jeff is a Pervert- I don't think it's nice to call people perverts right in front of their face... and chances are he isn't.. . but what do we mean by pervert?? Like into lil boys?? cuz I don't think he'd make it that obvious pervert as in like sexual/ or whatever... i don't know, i don't know him that well. From what I know he's okay, he gives me free books and movies and edits my reviews.. all making me a better queer person and a better writer.

10- I don't know who Kylie is so Madonna
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It was a joke... Jeff makes

It was a joke...
Jeff makes some sexually heavy comments a lot of the time.

"Are we supposed to connect the dots between you mentioning this and uploading your new face pic at the same time? :-)" That was after I had posted an entry saying that I liked the song "All On Your Face" by Cazwell.

He's a very sexually charged person.

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The easiest way to desexualize younger guys? Run a gay youth site for 13 years. The body's are slamming, but once you know what's going on in those heads, it's all over...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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1- Mostly female/mostly

1- Mostly female/mostly queer

2- California

3- Socialist.

4- Usually pizza. This week, smoothies.

5- Alternative and rock

6- Tough choice. Right now, Taylor Swift.

7- I'm currently a secretary and graphic designer. I plan to be a vet. Or a dancer, if I can make it.

8- Green.

9- Irrelevant. He's awesome.

10- Madonna. Sorry, Azul.

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She's too much for me
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Anyway! 1- leaning towards

1- leaning towards complete androgyne

2- Virginia!

3- Moderate libertarian

4- varies...this week, rice&bean burritos!

5- indie

6- this week, katy perry!

7- something in the arts

8- purple

9- Jeff is a Pervert.....no, he's just more honest with what he's thinking.

10- kylie!

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1- Gender/Sexuality -

1- Gender/Sexuality - female/lesbian

2- State/Region of Residency - Michigan

3- Political Alignment - democrat but i dont really like politics

4- Favorite Food - i dont really have a favorite but food is definitely one of my hobbies and pizza is in the top 5 along with icecream

5- Favorite Genre of Music - pop/rock/indie. it really depends on the day tho.

6- Favorite artist/band - also depends on the day. right now - the grand archives but my favorite song right now is viva la vida by coldplay

7- Career/Planned Career - high school spanish teacher and yes thats in the future

8- Favorite Color - pink

9- Jeff is a Pervert - i dont really think jeff is a pervert.

10- Kylie or Madonna - im going to have to say niether

If male homosexuals are called "gay," then female homosexuals should be called "ecstatic." ~Shelly Roberts

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mmm, spoons <3

kay, so here goes nothing!

1- Gender/Sexuality- I'm a dude that likes dudes.

2- State/Region of Residency- Pennsylvania, US

3- Political Alignment- I don't give a shit about politics, but Independent I guess.

4- Favorite Food- Puerto Rican foods/comida criolla <3

5- Favorite Genre of Music- rock/pop

6- Favorite artist/band- Girugamesh, they're a Japanese rock band.

7- Career/Planned Career- I HAVE NO IDEA UGH

8- Favorite Color- blue

9- Jeff is a Pervert- Yeah but not in a creepy way. :P

10- Kylie or Madonna- Madonna, I guess. Kylie's cool too though.

~Ashley and I... we rock the world's socks.~

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1- Gender/Sexuality- Female,

1- Gender/Sexuality- Female, likes the girls.

2- State/Region of Residency- Richmond Hill, Canada

3- Political Alignment- Liberal, I guess

4- Favorite Food- Various types of ice cream

5- Favorite Genre of Music- Alt rock, electronica

6- Favorite artist/band- AFI

7- Career/Planned Career- musician/ teacher/ counselor

8- Favorite Color- Look up at around...I would say...10PM these days.

9- Jeff is a Pervert- er? he's cool like that?

10- Kylie or Madonna- Madonna!

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I'm confused... 10pm is a

I'm confused... 10pm is a color?

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The 10 pm sky has a color.

The 10 pm sky has a color.

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you mean midnight black or

you mean midnight black or purple?

I'm pretty sure 10 pm sky is too variable to constitute as a color. Maybe a color spectrum, but not a color.

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1- Gender/Sexuality-

1- Gender/Sexuality- male/gay

2- State/Region of Residency- Most of the time, South America.

3- Political Alignment- Liberal

4- Favorite Food- foie grass

5- Favorite Genre of Music- indie/pop/classical/opera depends on my mood.

6- Favorite artist/band- Death Cab, Julieta Venegas

7- Career/Planned Career- lawyer, counsel, legal practitioner, legal professional, legal representative, member of the bar, advocate, solicitor, barrister, mouthpiece, ambulance chaser.

8- Favorite Color- IKB or the sky near the end of twilight

9- Jeff is a Pervert- Should we know?

10- Kylie or Madonna- Ermmm... depends...

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Yay! Death Cab! Definetely

Yay! Death Cab! Definetely one of my favorites. I jsut saw them in concert last month!

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Really? I'm so jealous!!!!!

Really? I'm so jealous!!!!!

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Hey =] I'm Amanda 1]

Hey =] I'm Amanda

1] female/bisexual
2] X
3] libertarian
4] almonds
5] punk-rock
6] blink-182 (yes i realize they do not fit into the above. still my fave. saved my life)
7] graphic design? CGI? psychology? personal trainer? rockstar! XD
8] grey
9] outspoken, not necessarily a pervert
10] *shrug*

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1- Gender/Sexuality: female/bi

2- State/Region of Residency: toronto

3- Political Alignment: meh...

4- Favorite Food: way too many to pick just one

5- Favorite Genre of Music: classic rock, punk-rock, ska-core

6- Favorite artist/band: way too many to pick just one

7- Career/Planned Career: teacher

8- Favorite Color: hot pink

9- Jeff is a Pervert: yes, but so am i

10- Kylie or Madonna: Madonna

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1- Gender/Sexuality

2- State/Region of Residency

3- Political Alignment
Liberal. I imagine I'll register democrat.

4- Favorite Food
No real favorite.

5- Favorite Genre of Music
rock. Indie, alternative, etc.

6- Favorite artist/band
a few: Death Cab for Cutie, Incubus, Coheed and Cambria, Chevelle...

7- Career/Planned Career
Ahh I don't know. Writing? Gay Rights? Paranormal Investigation? Can I make a career out of any of those? ... I'll be cashiering the rest of my life.

8- Favorite Color
greenish blues

9- Jeff is a Pervert
nah, I enjoy Jeff.

10- Kylie or Madonna
Uhhh.. I guess Madonna?

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1- Gender/Sexuality
Male, gay

2- State/Region of Residency

3- Political Alignment
Libertarian, except I like voting for a viable candidate, so Democrat

4- Favorite Food
Had food poisoning all day, so... nothing right now.

5- Favorite Genre of Music
Guitar-riff rock/Broadway

6- Favorite artist/band
Listening to a lot of Police and Coldplay lately, since I'm seeing both in concert (separately) this week.

7- Career/Planned Career
Writer. Activist.

8- Favorite Color
Purple, orange, red.

9- Jeff is a Pervert
I've seen too much, I have to recuse myself on this one.

10- Kylie or Madonna
Don't know as much about Kylie, so Madge by default.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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1- Gender/Sexuality
Female, Mostly gay, rarely straight
2- State/Region of Residency
3- Political Alignment
I hate stupid people.
4- Favorite Food
5- Favorite Genre of Music
Indie Pop
6- Favorite artist/band
Tegan and Sara. I'm liking a little Mirah now too, her voice is so beautiful.
7- Career/Planned Career
Oh my god not yet.
8- Favorite Color
9- Jeff is a Pervert
I like honest perverts.
10- Kylie or Madonna

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1- Gender/Sexuality Male/

1- Gender/Sexuality
Male/ Gay
2- State/Region of Residency
Georgia, USA
3- Political Alignment
Not really interested in politics.
4- Favorite Food
Chicken fettucine.
5- Favorite Genre of Music
6- Favorite artist/band
Fall Out Boy
7- Career/Planned Career
Something in fashion. But on a more realistic level, Journalist.
8- Favorite Color
9- Jeff is a Pervert
10- Kylie or Madonna