spur-of-the-moment thought on my state's laws...

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My state is one of those that has passed, of all things, a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT banning gay marriage. This happened a couple years ago, when I: a) was too young to vote, and b) did not know I was gay. Though I do remember wishing I could go to a rally in opposition to said amendment. (I was afraid to ask my mom about it. No idea what she thinks of LGBTQ people...)

So I've known about this, logically, for some time. But, just now I took it into my head to go on the state website and actually look up that section. Sure enough, I found it: “A marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

Since I already knew it was there, I was surprised by how much it stung to read. Maybe I finally had to step back and realize that, unless that amendment is someday repealed, I can fall in love with a woman but can't marry her in my home state.

Which, even though I haven't been in a relationship yet, even though I wouldn't want to get married for several years yet, is a big thing.

What to say about it? I don't know. Maybe eventually I can be part of a movement to do something about it. For the moment, though... damn. Why?


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Because theres NOT a seperation of church and state... my state won't even sell alcohol on Sundays. I'm not real big on alcohol but I think thats ridiculus. Anyway, thats one of many reasons I want so desperatly to graduate and go to college in California, its the only real reason I even try in school. I've no idea what my state says about it but i'm gonna look it up now.

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lo siento....

uhh muy mal....es muy mal...when ones home wont allow one to marry the person they want....lo siento....

Theres always something to laugh about in life...