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It's sad when you have to say goodbye to old friends. In this case it's a baseball stadium. Everytime I drive to the Palace I see it now because it's on the way. It's so sad, my heart literally breaks. The first time was when i saw the bulldozers and other machinery, then fences went up, then green stuff on the fences and today was the worse... a huge hole in the wall. They weren't suppose to wreck it until Aug 1... to allow people to raise money to save it.
This is a picture of it a day or two ago-

My first baseball game at Tiger Stadium was with my Grandfather, sister, and father. We had a blast. Baseball was a love my grandpa gave to my dad and my dad passed along to my sister and I. We spent so many summer days in the hot sun and many long nights under the bright lights as the stars twinkled in the sky.

In 2000 the Tigers moved to Comerica park a much bigger, newer and nicer.
My father bought 2 of the chairs and they are now sitting in our front entrance as our way of remembering the memorable days listening to the radio as we watched the game below and cracked peanuts open and let the shells fall to our feet. Walking around our feet sticking to the steps from years of spilled bear. I have years of old tickets saved up from the days we had season tickets and old programs.. i miss being there and it's sad to see it go.

The song above is the song the reminds me so much of my days at Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park.


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I think I know how you feel,

I think I know how you feel, except not on such a big scale- in my case, they demolished the playground I grew up on. There's this huge new shiny plastic and steel menace in place now, but before it was this humble little wood and rusty pole set with all the graffiti of lovers' names and swear words...then nothing but flat sand for a while.

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i guess i kind of know what

i guess i kind of know what ur talking about. i actually live in michigan but its not as big of a deal for me because i was never really a big baseball fan. i do remember going to the old stadium tho a couple of times tho.

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Yeh, I think that even if

Yeh, I think that even if your not a big baseball fan it's just a big part of michigan/detroit history... it's like wrecking the old trainstation... the one kinda buy teh stadium...
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