tegan and sara are love. :]

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the title says it all.
(well, almost all of it)

i'm sitting in my vacation house's basement (again) and i'm listening to older T&S stuff, and i love it even more. i'm so pissed that i missed their show on May 10. (yeah, i didn't even go to the show and i know where/when it was). i've also decided that i am in love with tegan.
i mean, LOOK AT HER!

*squeals* i love herr.

i love sara too, don't get me wrong, but the name got me.
it means something like "strong" or "beauty" in Gaelic.
they're both amazing.

see what i mean? :]

:P my new favorite song by them (i find a new song by them almost every week. so far i have all of the Red and Yellow Demo songs, The Con, random live pieces, and some cover songs i downloaded illegally) ... anyway, new fave song: Living Room. i know, i've been listening to T&S for months now, and i've barely dipped into anything older than So Jealous (w/ the exception of the Demos. they were put out when the band was Sara and Tegan :]]).

- yes. i did my independant study on them this past school year. i was careful not to mention that they are both gay, however, because i would get comments from certain three foot tall assholes in my class (yes, that's you joshua... like you'd read this...) i did my other independant study (in a diff class. t&S was for gifted. this is English) on the Ugandan Genocide. my presentation was supposed to last 3-5 minutes w/ a visual. it was 7 minutes w/o visual. 13 w/ my visual... see how much i love writing? and i suck at it. even though J and L and the rest of the school love my stuff. but they've never seen this. well, some of you probably have.. but i know that almost noone in my school is gay. (anyone go to tjhs on here? - i want to start a gsa and would love to have some other people backing me up... besides my loserific friends)

:] anywayy, i might post some of my fictional schtuff up later. but then again, i might not. tell me if you want me to. :] i would love some comments. i feel like a total loser when noone talks to me :[


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She's so hot! Those are some

She's so hot! Those are some glasses.. u should post your stories

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I'm seeing Tegan and Sara in September at a day-long music festival.

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*jealous rage* i want to see

*jealous rage* i want to see them SO bad... but i don't think i'd be allowed, seeing as all of my friends hate them.

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I went to see tegan and sara

I went to see tegan and sara earlier this year.It was awesome because it was a tiny venue and I was at the front.Like literally there was a barrier and then me.It was a great show.Tegan is my favourite too.Most people I know prefer Sara but I'd definitly pick tegan.
I love "Hop a Plane".

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hop a plane is my fave off

hop a plane is my fave off of the Con, too!
& i've been dying to see them live... i hope they come back near me some time soon.