Twilight, sex... hi!?

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I surrendered to my sister's tastes and read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer... I thoroughly enjoyed the first third of the book, and after that I could feel her stretching out the story... of course, that part you read anyways - obsessively, but with little admiration. The last third was at least decent. Anyone have any cool/interesting things that they noticed about that book/story/characters/etc., if they've read it? I love to see all the different views with literature :)

Slept with a guy a few weeks ago. It was... interesting. It was fun, hot, mature (?), reckless, an adventure; with an experienced, understanding, sweet, and polite partner; a fitting first time to my character, in the broad morning light.

We agreed that it'd be one of those things that happens again, as long as there's no drama and that no one at work finds out. He's jovial/cordial enough at work (our paths don't actually intercept too much, which is great); I'm mostly just very professional around him, and usually busy with my own thing. In any case, I haven't heard from him, and the couple times I've texted him, he hasn't replied. I don't know how to interpret my feelings about this, seeing as I don't know what my feelings are. I don't seem to care, really... Neither one of us was planning on any emotional involvement with each other, so it's easy in that sense. It would have been a fun little summer affair to have, sexually, though. Still, it hurts... I think... :S Maybe it's the generic pain of anticipating more of something and not getting it. Or of briefly finding a rare (at least in my case) connection with someone, with communication that is spectacularly honest - and then losing it just as strangely as it emerged.

? :S


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Okay. I'm stuck in

Okay. I'm stuck in Twilight.
Basically I'm where you described Stephanie as stretching it out.
Oh gawd. Does she ever? It's so boring right now. Ughh.
Wow. Sounds like you're in a pickle. Did you say you lost it to him.
I dunno.
I've thought about this before, I mean, I'm still the largest virgin on the face of the earth, and I've been presented the chance to hook up with guys as long as there was no emotional attachments, but I always seem to turn it down, because I know that I will want there to be an emotional attachment. I think it's a little hard to not want an attachment in that situation.

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I've read all 3 of them, and overall I think they're decent. I've reserved a copy of the 4th book.. yay
Seriously, I wish I could find someone to just have sex with.. as long as there's no drama. I hate drama..

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Nothin! You alredy told 'im twice!

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Twilight ws ok, I just think

Twilight ws ok, I just think that overall Bella is kinda annoying. She's all emo and whiny... its get annoying after three 300+ paged books. But I'm still going to read Breaking Dawn, hoping for.... idk something good.


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I have a friend whose

I have a friend whose obsessed with Twilight... But then again, she loves anything vampire related. XD I thought it was cute. But not enough to continue it... Because I never got past the first chapter of the second book. 0w0

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I've read the first three,

I've read the first three, and I think they're pretty good but not good enough to be obsessed with. I don't know if I'll read the fourth one, because Bella is seriously getting on my nerves. I don't understand how the sight of blood can make her so faint in Twilight. I mean, she's eighteen and biologically female. Unless something is wrong with her uterus, how does she survive her period? A tiny prick on the finger surely doesn't compare.

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I'm afraid to read Twilight.

I'm afraid to read Twilight. I might get sucked into the fangirly kingdom.

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Agreed =]

Agreed =]

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:) <3


Yeah, I did 'lose it to him'; it's not really a big deal to me... (or if it is, I can't tell.) I'd guess I'm with you on the desire for emotional attachment when it comes to same-sex relationships; but I haven't been presented with the opportunity to find out, sadly. So, really, I'm still a virgin in the ways it counts to me ;) *high five!*

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I agree. No drama.


Bella only got annoying to me in the "preview" for New Moon included at the end of Twilight. My sister has the next two books, and I'm kind of scared to get sucked into the annoyance. Is Breaking Dawn the name of the fourth book?


Sister claims that after the 78th (or 178th) page, New Moon gets really good again. This was my first vampire book, can you believe it?!


Lol! It's true, the writing is *mostly* so 'innocent', that you don't consider her age 'till the end of the book... and by then you forget about the fainting (well, or I forget, lol)... I never thought of that! Maybe she goes "*squeeze eyes shut* -tampon in- -wait a few hours- *squeeze eyes shut* *plug nose* -tampon out-"

Er... I don't know.


There's a fangirly kingdom? Lol... oh dear. XP