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One more day
One more time
It's wearing me thin…
It used to be different.

You taught me to live
You showed me hope
You gave me faith
You made me blind.

It took months
It needed to happen
I read them again 'till dawn
I didn't instigate that day.

You taught me loneliness
You showed me my future
Full of secrets and lies
No more than a side fling.

Now this
Those arrogant bastards
You undid it all
You stole my spirit

I lost hope
I lost faith
I don't believe now
You stole what I made.

You take the best
And leave me at my worst
I put on a strong face
And wait till night to cry.

You make me want change
Everything I ever believed
You stole it all
And nobody will even fight…

I can't keep this up
It's wearing me thin
Why did you do this to me?
How did you do this to me?

You made my life great
Then crashed it all.
Then they closed their mind
And took the little bit I had left

I don't understand
Nobody has ever penetrated me so
How did you do it?
How did you make me hate me?

I lied
I'm not ok.


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Thats really good. I don't

Thats really good. I don't have a favorite verse, i like it all. I think what makes it so good to is that it can be interpreted many different ways, like it can mean different things to different people.