updates on L.

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well, i went to the movies w/ her again. and this time she told me to invite G.

she hates G. so i asked if her boyfriend was coming. and she says, no. (furk, i need think of a name for him... uhm... M) M is coming. M, her ex boyfriend, the one who she was with on the last day of 8th grade. *shivers* so we go, see hellboy II (which i loved, btw) and she's all over him. i tried to ignore it, but when we left, she and i were walking, and she suddenly turned around to go back around the corner where M was. i knew what was going down, and i was hella pissed. i warned her,
"i'm giving you one minute...."
12 seconds go by,
"okay, minute's up."
i stuck my camera phone around the corner, lens facing her and M.
she quickly came running around the corner holding a ring box. i took it and there was this beautiful (real gold) necklace from M. we get into the car, and text back and forth. here's what it looked like (in the brackets are what i should have said):
L: that was more like 30 seconds.
me: i started counting earlier.
L: please don't tell B. please
me: you should stop though.
L: i can't stop loving him. it's like G.
me: no, its not. i'm using him --- [it is. i love G. very much.]
she mouths, "you're using him?"
and i nod. then point to her phone and say "shh" and point at my mother driving
L: i can't get over him. in the movie he touched me & it sent shivers down my spine. i'm in love with him. i miss him like crazy. but i can't hurt B. [too late!] i like him too. its so confusing
me: it was that way w/ me and G when i was dating B. but you have to end it with one of them.
L: but idk who.
me: a lot of people already know that you're cheating. --- [only a few friends know; and only that you were w/ the kid from SP. not w/ M]
L: tell me who
me:all of our friends.
L: meaning?
me: meaning i don't know. someone called and asked for his number to tell him. --- [tara called. told me to tell B. i didn't.]
L: who!?
me: i don't know. --- [i do know. i don't want to tell.]
L: what was the number?
me: restricted --- [TARA called]
L: *profanity.*
me: so are you going to stop? --- [stop or i'll tell B. mk?]
L: i'm gonna try. i have to try.
(that seems okay for now.
if anything else happens: i'm telling B.
most likely at church, cus that's the only time i'd see him, and i can't do it over the phone)

and then M texts.
M: who called you?
me: none of your *profanity*ing business.
M: hey i didn't say anything to any1 but L just called and told me.
i hate M. with a passion. and he knows it. i could kick his ass in a minute, but choose not to.