Watch out world hear i come!!!

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So i got my G2 today which in Canada allows you to drive without another person. A G1 you have to drive with someone who has had there license for 4 or more years and is over a certain age and not between 12am-5am. Now i only have a few restrictions that won't really apply to me much and can drive whenever.
I went out with my friend went to this store that had a closing sale got matching scarves ($1 each) and we each got a shirt - mine is a red polo shirt. then to walmart and subway and my grandmas also the grocery stre.


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thats awesome!!!! i bet

thats awesome!!!! i bet your'e feeling all kinds of freedom. lol

i won't be able to drive with other people for 16 days now :(. down here your licsense is provisional, and we have the same restrictions as the G1, until you turn 18 or had it for a year. so, yea, im turning 18 in two weeks.


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heh, I'd be glad just to get

heh, I'd be glad just to get a hold on a G1, but my 16th is in a year and two months.