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Ugh... I feel so horrible... My stomach feels so raunchy. I'm even typing worse than I was last night... Well... This morning.

Anyway, my brother and I went over to a friend's house and I got trashed, he didn't. It took about 4 beers... I'm a wicked lightweight. His girlfriend is too, she was there.

So time went by. I puked because my lower esophageal sphincter is screwed up. It was barely anything too...

Then Angie and I went swinging... I was wearing some trackies and the pocket got caught and I tried to jump off. My whole entire pocket ripped out.

Then there was a full moon. It got really dark when a could went by. Angie and I were like, "Werewolves!". So we jumped off and sprinted inside. Haha.

Then I went up to laurance's room and put treseme mousse all over Moriah. hen she woke up she thought her skin was peeling off. Haha....

I need to sleep.. Thank god work is at 4 PM today...


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don't talk son...

my night went somethign like this...went to a friend's house to her going away party, started out w/ a 30 oz fosters can, moved on to a couple of henry weinhards and heineken, then ate some bbq whilst drunk, then a buddy from work strips naked....yes, buck naked....starts swinging his balls in everyone's direction and the we got in the hottub w/ him naked, and started to drink even fucking more...by the time the night was over, we had all been fondled, felt up and been trashed after like four more beers. the guy mentioned earlier even put on a bikini...not sure where he reallt rates on the kinsey scale...lol.

oh, and then i drove home drunk at 3 in the morning and now i feel like shit...lol

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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One of my favorite games ever

Is werewolves.

Also known as mafia.

Adrian - If i blow your mind, would you promise not to think in my mouth?

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Oh my god. I love that game.

Oh my god. I love that game. We played it during during my youth group.