yea, this is kinda pointless and not worth reading, but whatever, it was still amazing

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k, so last night i went into seattle for a concert with a friend. it was boys like girls and good charlotte with metro station and the maine opening.

it was all general admission, so just standing room only. so my friend and i fought our way to about 3 feet from the front, we were catching the stuff being thrown into the audience, we were covered in sweat because it was less than shoulder to shoulder in there and 90 degrees outside. and it was gross, but it was the absolute time of my life.

it was in this little place in kinda a grungy part of town, this little old hole in the wall venue. with exposed wooden beams on the roof, a low stage, bouncers, and a line around the block waiting to get in. The music itself wasnt that great in there but the experience was amazing.

I had only been to one other concert before which was in teh tacoma dome so it was a GIANT place and basically a big money making thing.

After the concert they were handing out demos for other small local bands, stuff like that. It was such an amazing feeling.

Its like... Seattle has such a reputation for the punk rock grunge type scene (which i realize those bands dont really fit, but not the point here). I mean, hell, it was INVENTED here lol. And it was really cool to finally get to be part of that. In a venue perfect for that style, in that part of the city, the exact thing you would picture for an underground punk rock scene sort of thing. It was such an awesome feeling to get to do this as a teenager, and im dying to do more of it. Im planning on another concert in august in the same type of venue, about 3 blocks from where htis one was.

It was just cool feeling like i was really participating in something bigger than myself. Experiencing what Seattle is widely known for. Experiencing one of the thigns that makes up most of Seattle history. It was awesome.


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punk was invented over in europe, not in seattle...mxpx and locs from bremerton like them changed the scene over the years in punk, but it all started w/ the clash and the brits in the 70's....grunge on the other hand did start in seattle...lets see...based on ur description of the club...I'd say showbox??? maybe the moore? seattle clubs kick ass.

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haha yup it was the showbox

haha yup it was the showbox :D

and everyone keeps editing where the scene started, and overall it really doesnt matter to me haha. i guess i shoulda left that party out :P it was more just that seattle is pretty well known for hte music scene.

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I think its more about SUB POP records

and how the bands they signed influenced the seattle and US scene. There were & are some really great bands that came form the seattle area. Lately SUB-POPs signing some really good bands.. the fleet foxes come to mind.

BUt Seattle has KEXP.. one of the best radio stations around..

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a few of the guys that started sub po were friends of my uncles...they mainly kick started the grunge and alternative scene in seattle, but those guys are now a major indie label. fleeting foxes is a good group...overall, i'd just say the seattle scene is awesome, and even bands like witchburn, 3Iob and nevermore will be on the scene soon...3IOB is already on MTV. seattle just has a kick ass scene....the presidents are from here too.

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