you put up a great fight you lucky little bitch

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if you would like to know the story behind this poem then message me.
but there are only three people who would get it.
but not from this point of view.
this is from MY point of view.
it's alot more than just a "wait it out"

phone cord shares whispers
skies show grey
a girl sits alone
pondering her day

another sits quiet
knowing of the others thoughts
smileing at the other
happily caught

but rage storms down
now a fourth party
step out of the shadows
no time for half-heartidly

im here only for you
im not trying to fuck her up
she hurt you all along
now i've had enough

i'll take you in my arms
drag you away from her sarcastic pity
"proposal" yea right
her alignment's shitty

you shut her out
im satisfied now
but no that's not her way
she'll get the last bow

but your mine now
and i must protect my flesh
i megaphone my songs
your jelous just confess

now we sit happily
resting in the craddle
yet you left a scar on her
poke at it 'till it's fatal

i love her
and you have rules to follow
im sorry this whole act
has let your heart so hollow