3rd day of school stuff.

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well... today, i finally got used to my schedule, when to stop at my locker, what teacher i should NOT ask for certain things, etc. (i still hate highschool!)

J texted me last night for no reason, and then when i responded she said "oh, nevermind, Sorry! i forgot what i was going to ask you :P"
i texted Maura,
"is there any possible way for my feelings for j to just.. die?"
"probably not. i still have feelings for people." - the second sentence is a shocker. she's in this beautiful relationship with freaking Romeo. No, Edward Cullen, minus the fangs.
"People i used to have feelings for." - she was trying to get around the subject.
"Like who?"
"Joe. Even though he was an ass." - i hate joe.
"J was about the same..."
"You just have to find someone to mask those feelings with."
i think for about 5 minutes, then realize,
"i've been trying to hard to find someone. i tricked myself into falling for L even though i'm pretty sure i had no romantic feelings to begin with"
"be patient." - her best advice to me usually includes this.
"i'll try..."


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Highschools not that bad,

Highschools not that bad, you just need to get into a reutine and then things will calm down.

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i'm pretty much used to the

i'm pretty much used to the routine, but it's more of i don't want to be there at all because it's school in general. and the fact that i'm a freshman and everyone is hazing me & my friends (although it feels like it's mainly me they're going after)