anthony rapp & school stuff.

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and that's basically all i wanted to say tonight.
and in other news:
my parents are forcing me to join a couple clubs at school, and i've already joined French Club, so now i think i'm going to talk to my guidance counselour about starting that gsa.
i've talked to my friend about it already, and she immediately said, "i'll help! and i'll make my friends, my boyfriend, and..." things like that. i'm really getting to be nervous about that, but i don't know why.

*squeals* i get to see anthony rapp!
i wonder if i'll meet him... and get to talk to him - that would be awesome! i want to ask him something about how he came out to his family, but my mom will be there, so that leaves that outt...

sooo, since i have nothing else to say:


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If you're seeing his show in Pittsburgh, it's based on his book, which is all about his relationship with his mom, so you'll know all that by the time he's at the stage door afterward.

He is usually very accommodating after shows, and will work the stage door after the show, posing for pics, signing stuff, no worries there. Definitely stay. Tell him I said hi.

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