band camp / cedar point trip

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so this past week has been crazy i am totaly and utterly worn out.You would think that goin into my third one id be used to it and know what to expect but man i worked muscles i never knew i had no lie.And the sun was relentless i am very crispy right now.Our show is beethoven this year i know it sounds boring and lame but its not,its a very good arangment.Im also super excited cuz this year we have 3 guard instructers.There all verry different and very cool.But my favorite part of this week was deffinatly going to cedar point yesterday.Oh my god i have never seen so many roller coasters and such big ones in my entire life.And i just had to ride the biggest fastest rides.I rode the friggin dragster that thing shoots you off at 125 mph and you seriously corkscrew straight up for like ever then straight back down doing another corkscrew.The ride takes 20 seconds but it was the best natural high of my entire life.But the best part was the fact that kacey was right there with was one of the best days ever.


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i must say the dragster is

i must say the dragster is quite awesome. raptor will always be my favorite tho.

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