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I saw the House Bunny yesterday. Its really funny. Theres a part in it where one girl is teaching the other girls how to put on make up and she said, "The eyes are the nipples of the face" wow I must be really immature because I thought that was hilarious.. and I still do.

Yesterday we also had a cookout for K because she went back to college in Ohio today. She only has a semester and then she's done. That'll be in December. This winter is going to be crazy for my family. The babies are going to be like a month old then and K's graduating, and my basketball. And my Mom's coming up when T has her baby so my Dad will be a total dick.

In other news.. I'm going to stop by the school counciler (sp?) tomorrow to get info about Nuclear Medicine stuff and get a physical form. I have no idea what I want to be but I know I want to 1. enjoy my job 2. make a lot of money 3. do something that will make a difference 4.
be in a career where it is rare for women to be in.
I've taken those tests that are supposed to help you pick your career and they told me to be a nurse or a teacher. Hell no. I would cuss out the students and I hate school.
Oh and I've discovered Ingrid Michaelson. One of her songs was in the movie and I love it. Its called "be ok". So ya I'm not downloading all of her songs. She's so nerdy, I love it.


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bahaha eyes r th nipples of

bahaha eyes r th nipples of the face!!!!!!!

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I won't admit to ever going on sites where boys have webcams or anything, but, if I did.... you can get a lot of strange reactions if you were to say: "Dude, your nipples and navel form a triangle... that's so hot."

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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