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omg so this week has been crazy. so i've seen three movies this week: but im a cheerleader, transformers and the dark knight (in imax no less : ). i liked all of them. the dark knight = amazingness. i think i was drooling after it was done. not really. or was i?

all i can say is i love beach volleyball : ) watching it on the olympics that is. not that i dont like playing it.

so this weekend i have this weird sort of freedom. my roommate is camping so i've kind of got the place to myself. on top of that, my parents are watching her dog since i work weekends. its kind of peaceful. just me and my cat, teddy. i haven't thought of anything really good to do with my small amount of freedom. id have a crazy party if i didnt have to get up early tomorrow. oh when did that ever stop me. just kidding. i enjoy my sleep. i did only get like 5 hours yesterday tho. i've thought about u know losing the clothes just to see what it would feel like but i dont think thats going to happen. im very conscious of my body even when no one's around. i'll think of something. i only have like less then 24 hours tho. the clock's a ticking.

ok so don't judge me. i know im mostly closeted. i just need to get something out. im tired of accidently going on dates with guys. the guy said it wasnt a date and then when he insisted on paying it kind of sealed the deal. i swear its not my fault. ok so i want to tell the guy. im just thinking of how would be the best way. i was thinking something shocking like showing him my sports illustrated swimsuit edition. that would be interesting to see his reaction at least. or i could just be "u know why im not interested in you? its because ur the wrong gender." i also have this huge collage i made from fashion mags of really pretty girls. i could be like "this is my fantasy:" and show him some examples on the internet. ok that one, no. just brainstorming.

that's all for now.


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Don't make it a big deal or some big reveal, just make it a casual thing. I don't mean to lead you on, but I'm into girls. Done.

Nothing wrong with being a nudist when no one's around. Go for it. We expect a full report in two days. Pictures optional. (Don't worry. She's over 18, I checked, heh).

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