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[More of a story/catharsis than an actual poem with a theme, but if you can find a theme, tell me!]


black—too close to lack
to be a comfortable word.
black like your unchallenged hair,
running in waves and rivulets
across your lonely head.
black as in the night
when i ran into streetlamp shadows
and practiced sonnets with the pebbles,
that knew the words as well as you did.
black in the dimple of my pillow,
cupping my tears and scratching my cheeks;
you saw the black of eyelid drapes,
sheltering a sleep some twelve or thirteen miles away,
where you dreamed of yourself and no one else and your beautiful black hair.


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Man you're effin amazing at

Man you're effin amazing at writing. I'm still in love with the "I am not a fag" poem you wrote, that was unbelievably good. :)
And this poem/story makes me think of my sister because she has really pretty black hair and is an arrogant bitch who probably does dream about herself..

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THEME: Boy runs out of

THEME: Boy runs out of things to do before summer vacation ends and so winds up with too much time on his hands during which to ponder the general unfairness of life.

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