Blah! Ranty post.

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So after a solid month of doing nothing but work and sitting around x_x I decided to get off my butt and go for a bike ride.

My neighborhood isn't very bike friendly. My little area is trapped between two major roads. So after biking around in circles for twenty mintues, I ventured out on the main road and nearly got hit by two cars. >.>; I rode around the back streets for another half hour or so, until my butt started to hurt from the seat.

Why do motorists hate cyclists?? ='[ It makes me kinda sad. They all gave me dirty looks for trying to get accross the street. Maybe that's what I get for trying to bike at rush hour, but hey, I was bored!

Anywayyyy. Don't you guys hate how melancholy the month before school is? It's like all I can think about. August is one big count down to school, and I hate it. I have two weeks left to finish all my summer assignments...which, naturally, I've barely started. Gah. D=

On the plus side, I got promoted at my job. ^.^ That means I can get that phone I've wanted, and when I get my licence this october, I can pay for my own insurance. :3 Sure, it sounds silly that I'm bragging about spending my money, I'd much rather have my mom pay for it all. But unlike the spoiled brats at my school, I'm working and paying for my own luxuries, and I think that's something to be proud of!

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I'm not really against

I'm not really against bicycles, but don't I hate cyclists when I am driving?! I guess it is because most cyclists zig-zag, and take forever to cross streets (not to mention car-surfing, or other distressing habits they have). Even if you didn't do any of the things that piss-off drivers, you were on a bicycle, and that is enough to set everyone's alarms off. After all, cyclists pop out of nowhere, and you have to literally stand on your brakes, hoping the guy behind you is wide awake and ready to stop in a quarter or a second, so you avoid running over the mindless git.
Hey, what can I say? spending money is really a lot of fun. I'm one of those spoilt brats, but I do enjoy myself.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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I like spending money too.

I like spending money too. ^^ It just sucks when I'm the only person spending money on myself, I wish someone would treat me to stuff occasionally.

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I bike around a lot too. But

I bike around a lot too. But my area is more cyclist friendly 0w0 But then again now that it's summer and gas prices have sky rocketed. A lot of people are biking now. At least around here.

Be careful though. I hate crossing roads. X_X

And I agree, it does feel nice to have your own money to spend. ^^ I need to get a job so bad. I'm going to be so busy this year. 0w0

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I'm one of the those rich

I'm one of the those rich kids -,-
But I think my parents are gonna be losers and not pay for college, even though they are currently sitting on a mil and have 7 mil in inheritance to come. I think it's really stupid. I don't really want to fucking pay for 120,000$ for secondary schooling and another 120,000$ for post secondary schooling and then be paid less than a McDonald's worker for my residency and specialization, which if neurosciences is going to be my planned specialization, will take a huge amount of time.

I personally think paying such a huge amount of money for education is the greatest injustice since Madonna not getting an Oscar for the her performance in Evita.

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Rofl! Best analogy ever Azul

Rofl! Best analogy ever Azul :3

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Go figure, Mommy and Daddy

Go figure, Mommy and Daddy might pay for college! They really hated that silly loan process... And because they're wealthy, they can't apply for VSAC (Vermont Student Assistance Corporation) loans (much easier to apply for) because those damned New York and Delaware trusts had to be investigated...

But knowing them, they'll probably make me pay for most of it...