boys like you are dime a dozen

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once again, sitting on the computer with nothing to do and i end up here on oasis :]. i'm listening to HIM again, and i had forgotten how sexy Ville was until i put on Right Here In My Arms on again. yum. (:
which reminds me.. i get to see E, who loves HIM & all that good goth-y music, in a few days. he's so cute in all of his shyness. i find it adorable and quite irresistable that he is still afraid to talk to the opposite sex.

soo... i watched The Tracey Fragments the other night, and it made me love ellen page even more. i even fell in love with that kid... billy zero... for a while.

lalala... soooo... i'm babysitting tomorrow. for my highschool english teacher. he has a room filled to the brim w/ books, so it's like heaven for me. :]] i saw the little girl i'll be babysitting today. she ran up to me and jumped into my arms like i was her sister or something. i've babysat her about twice when she was awake, and once when she was alseep the whole time. she's just about the cutest thing in the world, though. *sighs* i love babies. i really want one... or four :(

j had the funniest reaction when i said that to her. i think we were watching Big Daddy. (once again, i'm talking about her) she's one of four kids, and was just about appauled (spelled right?) when i said that. she went off on this rant about how kids would ruin her career (on b-way/singer/actress) so she wasn't going to have any. the way she said it kind of cracked me up, for some reason.

G already had names for the kids... emma, bella, rosa, etc. he was just about ready to help me with getting them. *shudders* i was twelve when him & i were joking about that. and now i suddenly miss him :(

i think i have all of my kids' names picked out already.. :]
and i'm not going to have/adopt them for at least another, oh, 10-15 years. Erin/Tegan, Italia/Bella, Ayden, Luca. i have such a low pain threshold (at least my dad says so) that i'll be forced to adopt kids b/c of how painful birth is (idk how he knows that, though. he's never given birth :P).

this is yet another example of how hard it is for me to stay with one subject when i write. ugh. i don't want to go to bed this earlyyy! but i have to get up at like 8 (which is like waking up at 3AM for me) to go over and babysit.

and i have no clue what the title means. it's in a song i can't get out of my head.


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I love HIM !!! (HUGS). "Some people are like slinkies, not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs."