by far the most rewarding heartbreak ever!!!

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So here's the story, okay? i have finally started to drift from my crush on haylee. its still distinctly there but its become rough around the edges. so i went for this girl named Allison((Alee))and i've liked her for a while and so i decided what the hell i might as well go for her. so, i asked her out and i was supposed to come over to her house to pick her up.I pulled up in front of the house and called her to tell her that i was there and she said that she was still doing her makeup and to just walk in and sit on the couch. well, i walked in on her being fucked by one of my old bestfriends. i always knew that stupid bitch was worthless. i dont know why i liked her so much, she never liked me, i knew it was to good to be true when she said i could take her out.
Well, i broke down into tears. which isnt normal for me, i NEVER cry. I called haylee bawling my eyes out. haylee was furious and told me that "the bitch was going to pay" i thought she was going to bitch her out or something so the next day nothing happened i figured Alee slipped haylee's mind, boy was i wrong.
I was in the car with haylee and she told me to drive to Alee's house. i was scared but i did it anyways. haylee began to tell me that if i got into the fight that she couldn't protect me because she was "letting all of her anger flow threw her into Alee's face" so i decided if and when anything was to go down i was going to stay the fuck out of it.
well haylee went up and knocked on the door. Alee looked threw the peep hole and then opened the door with a smile. knowing that haylee was to younge to drive and my car was parked in front she expected that this had something to do with me. haylee looked Alee straight in the eyes and said "what the fuck gives you the right to do what you did to ceejai? hmm" Alee laughed, obviously not taking haylee seriously, her mistake.Haylee gave a rather evil chuckle and slightly joker grin and asked me to join her in front of the house.As soon as i got there i started to cry again, haylee pointed at me and said "you think this is okay?!" and grabbed Alee by the front of her shirt and slammed her face into the pavement then continued to do so until Alee dug her acrylic fingernails into haylee's face. Alee then had the nerve to roll over and spit blood into haylee's face, bad move on Alee's part. Haylee lifted her up off the ground and slammed her face into the brick garage and knocked out three of her teeth. there was eating dirt after that but by the end haylee had givin a black eye a few broken fingers and a compound fracture in Alee's foot. Lucky for us the neighbor that was home and saw anything was a good friend of ours and called the cops saying that there was a fight but that haylee was defending herself because Alee had "attacked" HAHA!

Haylee truely is my best friend.... im still in love with her...
and i cant do a thing about it. But i'll settle for bestfriends.
Haylee=bestfriend forever.


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she is fucking amazing! "you

she is fucking amazing!

"you front the facade of a righteous man but the hole in your heart put the gun in your hand" -leftover crack

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Wow. Good to have friends

Wow. Good to have friends like that.

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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How immature.

Your friends sound like idiots who have no lives. they clearly have nothing productive to do with their time, so they start drama. They aren't 5 years old anymore, so they should know by now that beating someone up is never the answer to anything. Violence is for people who have mental problems. mentally healthy people don't lash out and harm other people. and the fact that u stood by and didn't try to stop them, and that u aren't even disgusted by their behavior... that makes u just as bad as ur friends if not worse.
for shame.

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well i think that when someone fucks with my bestfriend that they need their face beat :]]]]]
im not disgusting or immature what Alee did was imature.
i just solved the problem and prevented it from happening again.

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Yeah, this seems insane. You're going on a first date and someone is having sex. Now, dating doesn't equal exclusivity or monogamy in the first place, or shouldn't. So, if anything, you were lucky enough to find out that you didn't want to be with her before the date even began.

I think driving someone to her house to beat her up is just as bad as beating her up, btw. You write this like a spectator, but you're a participant.

If I saw this happen, I'd have two people I'd want to avoid in my life. The girl I wanted to date isn't what I thought, and my best friend is crazy.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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