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My dad convinced me to stay in the closet with my mom and grandparents. Because yeah, they'd probably go out of their way to find some way to blame it on him...

But I have been hinting at it towards my mom. I'm sure she won't ask. It's too awkward. So she can't say anything as a definite. *snicker*

But ugh. I'm so sick of that woman. She acts like we all owe her for something. Apparently since she bathed my sister as a baby, she's a more deserving parent? WTF? She's also immature, can't even handle her own emotions let alone my sisters, delusional, violent, and self-centered.

I mean seriously. But it's the delusional, immature, and self-centered parts that are really bothering me. Because in combination you get the most irritating thing to argue with ever. "No no no! Because I'M the mother! MY OPINION MATTERS MORE! Yaddah yaddah yaddah"

Oh, and she likes to guilt trip my sister and then blame everything on me. My sis used to say "I wanna live up in NH" and my mom would cry and complain and say stuff like "you hate me, you wanna leave me" and Sis would give in and be like "I wish I could be here too" (Which still isn't wanting both places equally mind you, that's "I've made my choice but I feel bad.") If my sister doesn't go for the guilt trips anymore "Riku manipulated Sis into wanting to live only with her and her dad and her aunt" You know, It couldn't possibly be that she always felt that way but felt bad saying it.

And it gets worse, If Sis is upset and I happen in the room "Riku is making her sister very upset!" even if I'm completely calm, and my mom is yelling and calling the police on me though I've done nothing wrong.

Yeah she called the police on me. I asked her why it upset her for me to say that something has been wrong with Sis since she moved down to Florida. I mean, I knew the reason but I wanted to hear it from her because then she'd have to admit it to herself... But she just freaked out, said it was because I was "badgering her" and eventually called the police.

The police came, treated me like an undisciplined 8 year old, and told her that it's not against Florida law to smack me. Great. He just told my mom who has this violent and loss of control streak that it's okay to smack her kids. (But I'd get sent to Juvi if I hurt her back BTW.) He also told me that I "don't have an opinion until I'm 18" which is hilarious because, I can communicate, and as long as that holds true, I can spread my opinion as much as I fucking want. Sure I don't have legal standing as an adult until I'm 18, but that doesn't mean I am unable to speak. Besides, I'm a "mature minor", so I actually do have some legal standing so there.

They all think it's over, my mom does, my grandparents do. But it's not. It's just beginning. My mom thinks that she has this right to be an ass because the judge was an awful biased person who knew my mom and sentenced my Sis to live down here, away from me, her home, and family who actually CARES about what she thinks.

Either way, once I turn 18 I won't have to speak to my mom ever again. Maybe she'll stop pretending then.

Wow... There was hardly any queer at all in this journal. 0w0



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My journals have been less

My journals have been less queer that that. alot less.

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Wow, that's just fucked up

Wow, that's just fucked up enough to trump the queer of an Oasis entry. Um, wow... smack that lady for me, will you? Or I'll do it myself. We'll get together a team of the butchest dykes on here and go knock some sense into her. We'll be the Oasis enforcers! ^^

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