concerts & shopping

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well, tomorrow i think i'm going to see paramore and john mayer...
i'm not sure. i haven't talked to paige, who said she got the tickets, in weeks.

i haven't seen the girl since june 10th. paige, the same girl who's been to fall out boy, evanescence, and a ton of other concerts with me. she's my concert buddy. and i miss herr. i haven't seen her all summer, and now it's over and i still haven't seen her.

and i'm school shopping online while typing this. hollister makes me so self concious. even hollister online... i'd never fit into any of their clothes >:[ i don't know why i go on that.

and abercrombie is even worse. the women's page is a shirtless girl with a flat tummy and skinny jeans. and it's killing me.

i have a bad urge to go to logo online. and i know i'll get in trouble when it shows on the history.

and now i think i'm going to bed. i have to start going to sleep earlier to get used to getting up at the buttcrack of dawn when school starts.

six days and counting. *sighs* i want more summer!


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Abercrombie and Hollister

Abercrombie and Hollister are so...ahhh, even if you walk into the store. The people working there are so rude!
Delete the history!

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i refuse to shop in

i refuse to shop in abercrombie and hollister.

& i do delete the history, even on this site, but my parents have a program that saves everything i write online. i have absolutely no privacy.