don't make me go back.

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i survived my first day of highschool!!

and i don't want to go back. ever.

i have all academic classes, and i'm taking 10th or 11th grade math.
which means: i have classes with the scary upperclassmen. most of them are the dumbass athletes... or the scary emo kids who used to be some of my best friends. i got lost a few times today, but luckily i was either a) right outside of the room b) by a teacher/kristen's dad or c) with a friend who knew where they were going.

i really don't want to go back. the whole day i was incredibly nervous, which made me really sick to my stomach. i got to school a freaking hour early b/c my ride there is a teaher with a homeroom, and he has to be there before all of the students.

oh. i only have one class with J. she sits next to L, who sits next to me.
i have study hall with G :] only on tuesdays though...

and i have a semi-hot teacher. he's kind of young, and my history teacher. he's nice. :]

i'm afraid of french class. as soon as we walked in, she was all, Bonjour! J'mapelle Madame Leopold! Como ev.... something or other. and i sat there, completely confused, in the middle of a bunch of stupid, lazy jrs who signed up for this only because they need a credit and nothing else was open.

i don't even want to go into study hall. it was so... peer pressure to the max. even though she wasn't really trying to make me do anything... other than smell the ... nevermind. not talking about itt. but, seriously, how many times can someone count her cigarettes in one half hour period?? (not me. i'm straight edge)


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In my experience, French/

In my experience, French/ language teachers are extremely outspoken and loud and talk a lot.

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that describes her

that describes her perfectly.