music is life's picture

Yup so i should be doing geometry homework right now, but i'm not. Instead i'm on myspace and here. I also should be practicing guitar but i'm not doing that either, obviously.. I have a lesson wednesday and i haven't hardly practiced at all. Its hard because I don't feel like i'm making any progress, but he says I am, but I don't feel like it cuz i don't know any songs.

In other non important news. I've been contemplating changing my status orientation thing to bi on myspace. I'm not bi but idk i'm thinkin bout doing it, its better than putting straight. Right now I don't have anything for it. Which in a way pisses me off. But its my fault. yup. I'm also thinking about this right now too because I just sent a old friend from ohio a message that said "theres this really hot ummm "person" in my math class." ya i hate myself right now for putting "person" but she knows what I mean atleast.. I make excuses a lot, too much actually. OH and I make my coming outs a bigger deal than they need to be, thats what my sister told me. I was like just because its not a big deal to you, doesn't mean its not going to be a big deal to other people. I'm soo not dramatic. And i've nothing else to write about now.