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We played this game a couple times in my summer acting program where we write down things most people won't know about us, then throw all the paper slips in a pile, draw them one at a time, and try to guess which is whose. I suppose it has been on my mind a little bit because I've been tempted to write down "I'm gay" both times. We're probably going to play again for our last day of class, so I'm trying to decide if I should tell them or think of something else fun and obscure about myself...

(...and the next thought into my head is, "since when is being a lesbian fun and obscure?")

Ah well. I think they'd accept it, but it seems a little bit strange way to do things. Maybe because I've only been out to myself for around six months and I'd essentially be tripling the number of people I've told... at the moment I'm thinking I'll put something else down if we play, it's just an interesting idea.

In other business, I've done something to my arch by wearing converse shoes all week, which means it is hurting and I have to dance tomorrow... sigh...


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Fun? Yes. Obscure? Not

Fun? Yes. Obscure? Not exactly. Since I came out as "gay" like, half of my friends either came out to me or became bi-curious. XD I kind of miss being a "lesbian" even though I've always hated using the term (because it's exclusively female of course) and I'm technically male. (just born in the wrong body.) So I am officially excluded from the "lesbian" thing now that I've come to realize the whole "I'm a boy" thing. But I'm rambling. :)

An acting program right? I might note that, a good 75% of my drama club is queer... And that's a very low estimate. I dunno what it is with queer people and arts in general (especially theater arts.) but they seem to go hand and hand. XD

But I mean, it's up to you, if you're comfortable with coming out to them, then go right ahead, but if you're not ready for that then don't. It is a big jump. Good luck with that and stuff. :)

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Yeah, theatre people are

Yeah, theatre people are mostly either queer or accepting, with only a few exceptions. Unless they're closeted and act like homophobes to try to put people off...but there aren't too many of those. :) However, I think it might be better to do it just by saying it, cause otherwise you first have to get up the courage to write it, then people have to decide they're going to ask you, then you have to say it. Whereas if you pick another time to say it out loud, you just have to get 2-3 words out of your throat and you're set. However, that's just my idea for myself, to tell my friends in person and in a small group instead of writing it down. I haven't come out either. :P Anyway, good luck!